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With our expertise in various fields in the entertainment industry, we can provide producing service regardless of media.

Contents Produce

Contents Produce

3DCGI movie production

We can create 3DCGI movies from concept work such as character design to movie editting. We cover from cartoon charactors to photoreal ones.We can provide not only prerendering but also real-time graphics movies.

2D animation production

We provide full 2D animation production service covering all the processes such as "keyframes", "inbetweens", "color setting" and "compositing".

Pachinko And Pachislot Machine DevelopmentPachinko And Pachislot Machine Development

We develop graphics engine for the display unit of Pachinko and Pachi-slot machines. This allows us to provide one-stop service covering from movie production, authering and graphics engine development.

Content produce

We provide one-stop service for producing and marketing your property. Our service covers from concept planning, creation, producing to financing.
Our creation service is not only for "zero-based"or "from the scratch" type creation but also for existing properties.

License business

Utilizing our expertise in character merchandising and licensing business, we offer licensors of the entertainment properties integrated services including licensing strategy formulation, brand management, sales, PR, marketing support, design and legal.
We also provide agent service to a client that has a need for acquring licence of a famous character in and outside Japan.